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First founded in 2017, ThinkOcean aims to address the common trend in the environmental community to have widespread decentralization of initiatives. Millions of people around the world want to make an impact and begin their own movements without properly branching out to combine efforts with other passionate individuals. This challenge is especially apparent in the youth of today. Almost every high school has an environmental club and every college has some sort of environmental community; however, many of these groups are insular to their campus or local area. ThinkOcean seeks to bring together these otherwise independent environmentalists to form a global grassroots movement.

ThinkOcean is an initiative based upon the concept of a society run by youth. Leaders were all once youth, current young people will grow up to become the world’s leaders, and future generations will take our spot. ThinkOcean is driven to engage today’s young people, address the world’s pressing environmental issues, and get them involved. Now more than ever, we need the enthusiasm, passion, and excitement that are only seen in the young population to be focused towards what truly matters – saving our world’s oceanic and land-based environments.

We are an organization founded by, created for, and maintained by youth. As a network of colleges and high schools working together to get their student bodies educated and involved, we provide the opportunity for members to network with fellow environmental advocates from all across the globe in over 10 different countries.

Our goal is to increase college and high school awareness of environmental issues and engage members towards solving these challenges. Whether by hosting cleanups or pressing for systematic change in their communities, our chapters are focused towards protecting our blue planet from human impact. Every director and administrator of the organization are youth themselves, forging a community that encourages the passion and enthusiasm seen in younger populations. 

So Why the Name “ThinkOcean”?

Much of what we do does not directly relate to the ocean, and many of our chapters live nowhere near the ocean. However, the ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface but only a minority of environmental attention is given towards this impactful feature of our world. We aim to elevate the presence of the ocean in the global dialogue because everything ties back to the ocean.


The biggest benefit to being a part of the ThinkOcean network is being connected to a global community of ambitious, charismatic, and skilled young environmentalists with varied experience. This team varies from local to national work and leads our chapters to complete large-scale initiatives around the world.

Come learn about our regions and the wonderful personalities who help lead them!

Meet the Board of Directors

Ben May    President & Founder

Ben May

President & Founder

Adam Wolpert    Treasurer

Adam Wolpert


Eloise Janssen    Board Member

Eloise Janssen

Board Member

Maya Siegel    Secretary

Maya Siegel


Natasha Lopez   Board Member

Natasha Lopez

Board Member


ThinkOcean is grateful for our many sponsors and collaborators!