Blair Batson


Blair Batson - US Newsletter Coordinator

The Episcopal School of Dallas

Blair Batson was born in Dallas, Texas. A rising junior, Blair has always been interested in current events and felt a duty to educate herself on global issues. As someone who has enjoyed swimming in the ocean since she was young, Blair grew specifically passionate about the environment when she became aware of the severity of ocean pollution and saw images of areas such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Throughout her sophomore year, as a member of her school's Environmental Awareness Club, Blair spent time brainstorming ideas and acting on how to make her school more sustainable—such as replacing the plastic water bottles in her school’s store with Boxed Water and promoting the use of reusable water bottles through the installation of dispensers for water bottles—and encouraging other students to live a more eco-friendly life. Blair also writes for her school’s newspaper as the Life Editor and a standing opinion columnist, which has allowed her to grow as a writer and learn to use her writing to spark interest in the environment. After high school, Blair wants to study environmental science and either economics or creative writing. She hopes to pursue a career where she can incorporate her passions of environmentalism and writing. In her free time, Blair can be found either writing, reading, watching sitcoms or watching documentaries on environmental issues.