Chloe Faure


Chloé Faure


Coming from the field of biology and ecology, Chloé has been passionate by marine ecosystems and fish for as long as she can remember. Although she chose to do multidisciplinary studies, she decided to specialize in political sciences, ecology, and strategies by doing a master's degree at the environmental French applied sciences school AgroParisTech. Her love for the marine world has led her to orientate her professional experiments towards the marine field, first in the oceanographic museum of Monaco to raise awareness about the importance of marine life and especially sharks. Then, after a short experience in an aquaculture farm, she followed with two research internships, one about fisheries management in Tunisia and one about the French Southern territories in the RTPi ApoliMer. Guided by this rich experience, she now plans to work on the implementation of sustainable and resilient coastal and marine management policies considering the social, economic and environmental issues in the applied research field. She believes that environmental resources management cannot be a success without coordination between environment managers, politics, scientists and economic actors. Joining Think Ocean France as regional coordinator follows on from this idea that coordination of actions is necessary to protect oceans while acting concretely for their conservation.