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Eloise Janssen


Eloise Janssen - Creative Director - Member of the Board of Directors

University of Michigan C'21

Ellie is a sophomore in Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan. There she is involved in Epsilon Eta, a professional environmental fraternity, where she is VP of communications.  Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, her environmental passion formed as she saw how the polluting of the ocean and draining of the Everglades was negatively impacting her community. Ellie hopes to explore how she can help inform and inspire people to care more about the earth through her art and experiences.  Her two minors are anthropology and the history of art, and she hopes to carry what she has learned into her making process.  How we live in the environment and how it changes us, particularly how this can be seen through our visual language of art.  Outside of artistic and environmental action, Ellie loves a good cup of tea, collecting rocks from her travels, and finding obscure items in thrift stores!