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 Emanuele Abrami


Emanuele Abrami - Brescia and Trento region

Emanuele is a student at University of Trento, where he studies International Relations. He has recently been interested in the world of associations. The reason behind that interest is explained by his firm conviction that no one can save, nor change, this world if he acts as a lone wolf. As a former AIESEC member and currently holds leadership roles in international realities like IDA and GFE (aka JEF), he believes that coordination and contact between people from different countries is essential if we want to ensure our society will be safe, free and beautiful in the future. Although he is already committed in many other associations, mainly political and cultural ones, he believes that there is nothing more important than our planet and its protection: we don't know how humans are going to be in future or how they are going to live, but we must make sure that there is a future in which humans can live. In his free time he loves to write and develop his personal website as well as participate in competitive cycling. (