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Forbi Perise Eyong Nyosai


Forbi Perise Eyong Nyosai — Cameroon National Coordinator

University of Buea C’20

Forbi Perise is a environmental science student at the University of Buea, Cameroon.  He studied mainly science subjects in high school and has always loved being outdoors. He is passionate about the environment and community development  while volunteering in a number of community based organization pushing for the realization of the 2030 agenda of the sustainable development goals. His  passion for the environment started out with a love of the natural world and evolved in an elaborate network of beliefs about the importance of environmental protection and of reversing some of the harm that we humans had done to the Earth. Perise has led several community projects, and considers himself to be a local activist fighting plastic pollution.  He is popularly known as the “plastic man" due to his efforts to raise awareness on the issue of plastic pollution.  He acknowledges that youth can bring remarkable change to their community if they are given opportunity and can  work together. It is his  aim to share his passion with others in his community and country as a whole.  In his free time, Perise loves cooking, farming and reading .