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Giulia Belotti


Giulia Belotti - Italy National Coordinator

University of Trento C’22

Giulia Belotti is a freshman at University of Trento, Italy, where she studies international relations. She has been traveling since 9th grade, therefore she has connections with people from all over the world. She has always been passionate about the environment. After spending a year in the United States, this passion manifested into a desire to create concrete action towards a better world. She enjoys discussing ethics with people and making them aware of concepts such as climate change. She is an ambassador for “YouAbroad”, an Italian agency that sends students abroad, because she believes in the power of young, open-minded people. When people from different cultures meet and work together to reach the same goal, great things can be done. She is a daydreamer and strongly believes that new generations can save the planet and create a brighter future. In her free time, Giulia loves reading, writing, and jogging in nature.