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The ThinkOcean Society was founded in 2017 to serve as a rallying point for young, passionate environmentalists from around the world to work towards protecting our shared future. With a leadership team composed entirely of youth, ThinkOcean is dedicated to promoting awareness, policy change, and engagement through a global network of chapters at high school and college campuses in over 10 different countries. We work to spark action among our generation to protect our blue planet.

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Do you want to create real change in your community and become connected to a global network of changemakers? We are always recruiting for new chapters or additions to our administrative team. With members ranging from having years of experience in lobbying, conservation, and environmentalism to those who are just starting out, we provide opportunities to anyone interested in getting involved. Apply to start a chapter or join our team today!



Every part of our network is doing incredible work. Whether that includes grassroots conservation, political activism, or environmental awareness efforts, we are proud of the progress made by our many chapters. Come read about some examples of the amazing work being done around the world by ThinkOcean members!