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Ivan Daquial

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Ivan Daquial - Keystone Regional coordinator

University at Albany Cā€™22

Ivan Daquial hails from the Philippines from where he emigrated to the United States in 2016. He is a sophomore at the University at Albany in NY majoring in Political Science and Philosophy and intending to minor in Bioethics and Neuroscience. He is involved in his university and community, having served as a senator for the Student Association, Legislative Affairs Liaison to Assemblymember Brian Barnwell, Youth Organizing Intern for a Filipino social justice organization--among many other positions he has held. Currently, he serves as the President of the upcoming Association of Southeast Asian Students; he also interns with a law firm in Manhattan. Ivan plans to study law right out of college to pursue his passion for social justice and grassroots organizing. His motherland, the Philippines, has been a victim of marine biodiversity depletion and polluted bodies of water. His passion for environmental advocacy stems from the thought that his family and friends that live in the coastal areas are in constant danger of natural disasters and contaminated sources of water. Many Filipino fishermen are victimized by irresponsible and destructive modes of fishing. As Regional Coordinator for Pennsylvania and New York, he seeks to maximize the potential of our members through effective communication and a strong recruitment initiative!