Jacob Garland

Jacob Garland.jpg

Jacob Garland - Massachusetts Regional COordinator

St. John's Preparatory School


Exposed to the beauty of nature and importance of conservation at a young age, Jacob Garland seeks to further his and his community's commitment to protection of the environment. In his home town of North Andover, Massachusetts, and as a junior at St. John's Preparatory School in Danvers, he has been working for the past few years in the hopes of creating a world where no child has to grow up with the threat of existential issues such as climate change.

This goal started very simply with the creation of his own environmental blog, and has since flourished into a multitude of different endeavors. He is currently the president and co-founder of his school's environmental club, vice president of their animal welfare club, Outreach Manager for Greening Forward, and graduate of the Sea Youth Rise Up advocacy program. He has worked with his school to implement a community gardening program as well as a plastic-straw-free cafeteria, and hopes to have ThinkOcean act as a means to forward not only his advocacy but his outreach to other students like himself.

Outside of advocacy, Jacob enjoys reading, hiking, gardening, creative writing, and playing the clarinet, piano, and violin.