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Manda You


Manda you - Creative Deputy Director & Social media director

Manda is a senior at Centennial High School in Maryland and loves activism and the environment. She plans to pursue a major that combines her passion for both fields in the future and learn more about what she can do on her part to save the Earth! Growing up as a competitive swimmer, Manda developed a strong passion for the ocean at a young age through the various open water meets and was inspired this past year by her economics teacher, Mrs. Reese, to consciously work towards bettering the environment and planet we live in.

Other ways in which Manda strives to improve the world we live in is through social justice and legislative activism. Her efforts regarding issues such as gender equality and mental health are often in partnership with organizations such as Girl Up, a Global United Nations Foundation Campaign that strives to provide equal rights and access to education to girls all over the world, and a personal campaign she is launching called Project DOS.  

In her spare time, Manda loves going on a run, reading anything and everything, finding new music, and scrolling through Instagram. She also plays the clarinet and works a part time job as a swim instructor!