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Maya Siegel


Maya Siegel - Web DESIGNER & Secretary of the Board of Directors

Colorado State University ‘22

Maya Siegel started her work with ThinkOcean a year ago as Northwest Regional Coordinator. Now, she maintains the positions of Secretary and Web Designer for ThinkOcean. She is studying corporate finance at Colorado State University. Maya is passionate about protecting the ocean and its inhabitants and believes that it is part of our responsibility as a society to do so. She is also the founder of Space to Speak, which is an organization that aims to help young survivors of sexual violence and abuse feel less alone. Space to Speak works to push consent legislation as well as mandate sexual health in Colorado, and its current focus is drafting a petition for a national definition of consent because almost half of the states in the U.S. don’t explicitly define consent at all in their statutes. Maya is also a Marketing Intern at Shiffon Co. and a poet for Defiant Magazine. Any extra time she has she spends either writing or singing. Her biggest aspiration is to become the CEO of her own company and to use its influence to protect the environment, particularly the ocean.