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Meenakshi Kothari


Meenakshi Kothari - Blog Contributor

Singapore Management University C’22

Meenakshi is a sophomore studying in the School of Social Sciences at Singapore Management University. She is planning to double major in Psychology and Marketing. She is originally from the city of lakes – Udaipur, Rajasthan. Meenakshi grew up seeing the environmental changes that have affected several lakes in her town, which makes her sensitive to the oblivious attitude of people to these changes. She believes that even the smallest of efforts can bring the greatest change. She has directed and taken part in mimes and short plays in school, many of which were related to spreading awareness on global issues such as water conservation and reduction of plastic. She stands by the motto that life’s battles don’t go to the stronger or faster person, it’s the person who thinks they can. She hopes to inspire and motivate people to become more conscious of their actions.


Outside of ThinkOcean, she loves to dance, watch movies, and travel especially to beaches — enjoying both the calmest moments of soaking up sun and most thrilling moments of when trying out water sports.