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Neeharika Hemrajani 


Neeharika Hemrajani - Ontario Regional Coordinator - Member of the Board of Directors

University of Toronto C'22

Neeharika Hemrajani is an avid supporter of a variety of environmental efforts from London, England. Such passions have been rooted in her aspirations to pursue studies in History and Politics at an undergraduate level and further work in public service. From a young age, Neeharika has improved efforts in her local community to raise awareness for common environmental threats such as pollution. Such initiative became integral during her terms serving on the Student Council as Deputy Chair with the introduction of a new recycling system at school and efforts to move away from excessive paper waste by pioneering the introduction of technology in classrooms (with the Digital Leadership Programme). In 2015, this drove her and her team to present at the Education Reform Summit in Westminster to persuade authoritative leaders across England to recognise the environmental value of digital learning. Having attended Southbank International School as the Milton Toubkin Scholar of 2016, she has just completed the IB diploma programme with the Class of 2018. Her breadth of subject choices included Environmental Systems and Societies at Standard Level which allowed her to deepen her understanding and appreciation for environmental conservation. She hopes to continue broadening her efforts at a larger scale with ThinkOcean. In her spare time, Neeharika enjoys reading, watching movies and rowing.