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Njinjin Ivo


Njinjin Ivo - Cameroon Southwest Regional Coordinator

Njinjin Ivo is of Cameroonian nationality and a lover of nature. He is a final year student at the University of Buea in fulfillment of a BSc in Environmental Science. Ivo occupies the position of President of the environmental science department and head of the environmental science student association (ESSA); a group of students who love the environment and are ready to fight for it's protection and preservation. They work hand in hand with the school administration to make their campus a lovable and peaceful place for everyone. Though not quite easy, Ivo and the group he leads have a goal to be amongst the green universities in the world. Growing up in a community which is highly populated and large as well as seeing the adverse effects of the population on the environment, a crave for solutions became his driving force and passion. He is dynamic, simple and can work with diverse person regardless of their race, tribe and cultures. In his role with ThinkOcean, he plans to engage students from across his region in environmental activism and ocean conservation.