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Oussema Fersi


Oussema Fersi — Tunisia National Coordinator

Oussema got his bachelor degree in Fisheries Engineering and Environment from the National Agronomic Institute in Tunisia. As an active member within his University before graduation, he was the president of a club called “Terre d’Aventure ” for two years. He took arranged hikes and motivated his team members to admire landscapes and preserve the environment. Further, he was a member of the association of “Notre Grand Bleu” which has a major goal to protect marine protected areas and which also is considered to be the first of its kind in the Mediterranean. He was involved in Mediterranean monitoring projects from the Island of Kuriat with them. His professional experiences also contributed to boosting his knowledge and love for the environment. He has always been passionate about scuba diving and driving small boats. He is excited to be working with ThinkOcean to interact with different people, gain more knowledge about other’s perspectives, and make serious contributions to the protection of the environment.