Safa Ziadi


Safa ziadi - Tunis regional coordinator

University of Tunis El Manar C’20

After graduating in geomatics earth and environment, safa ziadi is finishing now the last year of the research master degree in Structural Geology from the University of Tunis El Manar. During her time there, she has been formed, operated, and maintained of hydraulic networks by the GIZ, and involved in her end-of-study internship a Project realized in collaboration with the ANPE (National Agency for the Protection of the Tunisian Environment) is centred on "Development of a GIS -Web on contaminated soils in Tunisia". She was a sales member of "Optima junior entreprise " which is an IT consulting firm established within her university. Her studies and professional experiences gave her the chance to discover more the natural world and being passionate about the environment, she acknowledges that human activity is harming the Earth’s natural systems, threatening entire ecosystems and the extinction of many species but the ocean, the planet, and future generations depend on it, so as human beings we have to protect them. In her free time, Safa loves camping, reading, dancing and practicing sport.