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Sterenn Raoul


Sterenn Raoul - France National Coordinator

AgroParisTech Cā€™20

Sterenn is a student at the French school AgroParisTech, an Environmental Applied Sciences School. She has always been passionate about sciences and studied the environment through different approaches during her studies. This has allowed her to gain many experiences from research to field practices. Born on the coast, in a region where the ocean is prominent and important, the sea has always been a part of her. She spends a lot of time there and bitterly observes its degradation over time, knowing that the visible deterioration is only the tip of the iceberg. This is why she is involved in the protection of the oceans through various projects and approaches. Based on her experiences, she is convinced that everyone's commitment counts, knowledge sharing is vital and young's people motivation and dynamism are a key point for the future. She is delighted to work with ThinkOcean to help to create an international network of young people to preserve our oceans and nature.