ThinkOcean is an initiative based upon the concept of a society run by youth. Leaders were all once youth, current young people will grow up to become the world’s leaders, and future generations will take our spot. ThinkOcean is driven to engage today’s young people, prepare them to address the world’s pressing environmental issues, and get them involved. Now more than ever, we need the enthusiasm, passion, and excitement that are only seen in the young population to be focused towards what truly matters – saving our world’s oceanic and land-based environments.

First founded in 2017, ThinkOcean's goal is to increase college and high school awareness of environmental issues and engage members towards solving these challenges. Whether by hosting cleanups or pressing for systematic change in their communities, our chapters are focused towards protecting our blue planet from human impact. Every director and administrator of the organization are youth themselves, forging a community that encourages the passion and enthusiasm seen in younger populations. 

We are an organization founded by, created for, and maintained by youth. As a network of colleges and high schools working together to get their student bodies educated and involved, we provide the opportunity for members to network with fellow ocean lovers from all across the globe in our over 50 chapters in 10 different countries.